Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Deb Knows

A while back, Jenny and I talked a little about finding the theme(s) in my thesis. Her main piont being that even if I couldn't see the links, as soon as an objective reader read it, they'd spot 'em easily. It's a matter of me being too close.

Last night, Deb and I got to the pirate meeting a bit early. While we chatted, she said, "Hey, I know what your thesis is about." Then she said three words.

I said, "Huh. Yeah, I see it."

Now the really interesting part will be if the rest of the CWC pulled out the same connection. I figure either they'll all be pretty much on the same page, or their thoughts will be pretty diverse. Either way would be fun.


Jenny said...

Dammit! Now I have to pick three words! Are they the right ones! I feel under so much pressure!

It's all about Cheese!
Wait, that's four.
But that's three!
And so was that!
But not that.

Ali said...

Lol. Close, but not quite.

Thanks for playing.