Monday, August 17, 2009

Writing About Your Writing Space

During part of one of the First Year Composition two-day extravaganza workshops, we were asked to do a bit of writing and describe our writing space. As I was doing it, I realized that it's a very cool, very meta, kind of exercise. I've seen pictures of writers' spaces, and it's cool to see those. But, to have the writer write about their space, well, you get a whole different kind of lens. After all, the biggest part of writing a scene is deciding where the emphasis goes, etc. and you can describe one setting infinite ways, depending on where you're focusing.

When I did the exercise, I was a little surprised by the results. I challenge y'all to do the exercise yourselves. My blurb is below, but don't read it until you write your own, got it?

Purple. Purple and brown and white. A cityscape of piled things. Like sculpture. Beads and necklaces. Cut out pages of books and calendars that have colorful pictures, all stacked in a pile. The desk that's gone a thousand-plus miles with me, and the cabinet too. My computer stuffed in a corner of that desk. Hundreds of pens spread out in a row of mugs. In my office, I have every color in the world.

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