Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WPW: The Giant Robot Bank Robbery

The robot was massive. Towering at over four stories tall, it loomed over most of the downtown buildings. Each step it took left a pothole large enough to fit a car, as evidenced by one particular foot step which was almost exactly the same size and shape as the Jeep Cherokee the robot had stepped on and flattened.

Laser beams shot from its eyes, vaporizing police cars, police officers, and any innocent bystanders who were too dumb or too slow to get out of the way fast enough. The robot stopped in front of the bank, reached into the brick building, and pulled out the vault. It attached a small device, which looked like a cell phone, but wasn't, to the vault. Lights blinked on the device for a moment, then held still. A safe cracker.

The robot leaned over with a well-oiled hiss. Its huge fingers carefully opened the vault door and, by virtue of Hoover-like suction, it vacuumed the cash and gold out with its thumb. By now the police had given up hope of stopping the heist and were working only to minimize casualties.

From across the street, in a third storey room with a window view, a man in a white jacket held a remote control. He pushed a button. Rocket thrusters came out of the sides of the robot's feet, they fired up and began to lift him away to a quiet, secret spot. The man in the white jacket jumped in glee. It had gone even better than he'd thought. He sighed to himself and said, softly, "I wuv technology."


B. Freret said...

Few things are as awesome as robots. Nicely done, ma'am!

With apologies in advance, I'd like to share my first attempt with you:

Thank you,

Ali said...

Thanks. Robots are a hoot. Thanks for joining in the game :)

Fleur Bradley said...

Nice, very nice. Chapeau.