Sunday, May 3, 2009

For Fred

There is sad news for the writing crew today. Fred has passed away from complications from a stroke. This month's challenge will therefore be in his honor.

Above all else, Fred loved knowledge. During our regular round of "what are you reading" he would almost always be the one with the most unusual titles - one, in particular, that I remember was something about theoretical mathematics. Most of us mere mortals would never dream of picking up some of these books just to read for fun. But, for Fred, that was just another day at the bookstore.

So, this month I challenge you to learn something new for the pure joy of learning. And, it wouldn't hurt to give your loved ones an extra hug, either.

Cheers, Fred.


Marie D-W said...

Here, here. Fred was a gentleman and a scholar. No one I ever knew so fulfilled both parts of that old saying. I'll be thinking of Fred when I learn something knew, especially about the classics.

Debbie said...

So true. I'm putting a little personal spin on your challenge. Since Fred was so appalled by my not liking The Inferno, I will finish the Divine Comedy over the summer. I'm also going to read the Poetic Eddas (which I do expect to enjoy).