Monday, December 29, 2008


Yikes. Thesis revision was intimidating. Total count: 33,200 words, approx. 116 pages. Good grief, this has been a lot of work. The hardest part wasn't necessarily even the writing itself, either, it was trying to get my themes unified and figure out how I could connect ten different stories (with ten different sets of characters and settings).

As of half an hour ago, I finished whole-thesis-draft #2. No time to spare, either, as CWC is tonight. I hope everybody likes the binders I stuck the draft in. I didn't get the introduction finished like I wanted, but I did do edits on all ten stories. It's all mush in my head now, but I know I made it at least a little better.

I feel like I should get an ice cream, or at least a round of applause.

Extra kudos to Jenny, who just did the same thing and is up for critiquing tonight.


Jenny said...

Some people might say loose-leaf is the way to go, but I'm a fan of the binder thing. I like toys. Even if they're someone else's.

Debbie said...

Yay, Ali! You do get a "good on ya" for getting it done, even if just in the nick of time. Rewrites are brutal and actually finishing one is certainly reason to celebrate.

Ali said...

As long as I can make you happy, Jenny, my life is complete :)

Yeah, Deb. I think I may have to celebrate with something ice cream-shaped. Or treat myself to a movie. I certainly need to do something.