Monday, December 1, 2008

Mix Up Redux

For December, I'm going to revisit one of my favorite standby challenges - the mix up. Since December tends to be a busy and/or generally mixed up month for most people, it seems appropriate. Your routines are going to get rearranged and I challenge you to embrace that and run with it.

Writing-wise, this is your month to change up your writing. Write in a new space, at a new time, or with different tools. If you usually write on a computer in your home office, this is the month to take a notepad and pen to the coffee shop, etc. Or, write in a different coffee shop, take a writing tour of all the coffee shops within a certain radius of your home. Whatever you want, it's your pick. Just make it different.


Debbie said...

Since December's a mixed up kinda month, sounds like an appropriate challenge.

Maybe more writing out of the house and not just at work.

Marie D-W said...

How about writing on a cruise ship in a notebook? We'll see but I'll try it.

Ali said...

If I have to be mixed up, I'd totally want to be mixed up on a cruise ship. I'd say that definitely qualifies, Marie.