Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Casting Oracle

There's a game you can play with your stories. It's called imagining the movie. They say it can help make your characters more concrete, too, because you're putting a specific face to a character. I've tried it a few times, to figure out which actors had the right look/personality to play the characters in Oracle. Before, I could always get some, but a few characters eluded me.

Last night I watched The Quick and the Dead and, watching Russell Crowe, it hit me. Now I've got Arnell. A few other characters fell into place last night too. If you're interested, here's my thoughts on casting my novel.

Sedge: Sean Maher, Charlie Cox, or maybe Elijah Wood
Gwyn: Kiera Knightley
Nolan: Bruce Willis
Maeve: Cate Blanchett
Stefanee: Emma Watson (but when she was 14ish, not now)
Dorian: Max Pirkis, or maybe Daniel Radcliffe
Devyn: Dunno if it'd work, but I'm thinking Sam Elliot
Kelda: Kate Winslet
Arnell: Russell Crowe
Baylor: Kevin McKidd, Johnny Depp, Sean Bean, or maybe Alan Tudyk
Attun: Still fuzzy on this one
Jalena: Maybe Polly Walker or even Judy Dench

Of course, this is purely for entertainment purposes. What about you? Have you got the cast lined up for the movie version of one of your pieces? Who's in it?


Jenny said...

I completely concur with your casting of Kelda. ;)

I cast Russell Crowe as Arnell long ago...see why I really, really loved him (Arnell I mean. It's hard not to fall when you're picturing Mr Crowe.)? I could have saved you time! But I cast him in everything, so it's a little bit of a cheat.

It's funny that you mention this as an exercise. What if you cast one actor consistantly? I, myself, mentally cast Dustin Hoffman in something every time I write. What does that mean?

Oh, and as I was working on the round story, it helped me to picture Leonardo DiCaprio as Os. I haven't really seen him do comedy and it added a whole different dimension to the story I thought. Who were you picturing, if anyone, when you were working on it?

Ali said...

Man, I totally just should've asked you about casting a while ago. It would've saved so much time figuring out Arnell. :)

Dustin Hoffman is awesome. Me, I'm trying real hard to figure out how Alan Rickman can fit in. I'm thinking as the priest who sends Arnell after Jalena in the beginning.

As far as the round story goes, I couldn't help but picture Oliver as Oz. Leo might work, though. Hrm... I may have to do some pondering now.

Whittaker Luckless said...

I put Scott Glenn in one thing I wrote. Except he speaks more clearly, and isn't quite as tall. And Katee Sackhoff in another thing, except she's a redhead.

A lot of the time, I'll put people I know personally into roles. Or I'll take parts and mix in different parts. Like I once took the height and build and character of my dad, but gave him more Liam Neeson's mannerisms. My dad's quite a bit like me--height, build, personallity--but silly. Not at all Liam Neeson. But it worked. I remember one thing specifically: I was writing from the perspective of a thirteen-year-old, and these two guys, my dad/Liam Neeson and this thirteen year old, had to go places together. My dad walks really fast, so this thirteen year old kept having to try and keep up. Gave me something to think about.

-John said...

I've thought about this in regard to the noir that's back in the reaaaaalllyy slow crockpot. I've idly thought about it before, but not putting actual names down. I thought about it today, could it help as you create the character, in terms of visual and auditory details, or should it be done after all of that is finalized?

Ali said...

It's a tough call with whether or not it helps. There are definite advantages to having a clear face in your head. However, that can also be a distraction, to be thinking of Russell Crowe all the time vs. the character.

In part, I'd say it depends on how carved in stone your casting choice is. Once the actor takes over, the character suffers.

One way to find out: try it. Pick someone who fits Troy and see if it helps you write the next chapter. If not, scrap the idea. If so, go with it.

Debbie said...

I love your casting, Ali, and, like Jenny, can't believe you didn't have Russell Crowe cast as Arnell all along. Interesting. Maybe you did but didn't realize it.

I don't have actors in mind when I start writing, usually, but once I get the look and the personality set, sometimes one will come to mind. Although I find that there's almost always a role that Ewan McGregor could play.

Go figure.

Anonymous said...