Sunday, July 5, 2009

227 Photos

I went down to the river walk today because I was in the mood to take some new photos. 227 later, I headed home. Yeah, that's right, I took 227 photos today. Of course, once I get that pared down, I'll have a great number fewer. Among those 227, many are multiple shots of the same thing at slightly different angles and distances to make sure that I get just the right photo. In particular, I took a ton of photos of the fountain that shoots water up in the air, because I want to be able to sort through just the right "moment."

It's just like writing, where you might write out a whole character biography or extended scene, but use only a fraction of it. But, you write it out anyway, because you need the extra so you can decide which part of it is just right.

(P.S. This photo was #7 out of 15+ of the lamp posts on the bridge)


Jenny said...

That's a nice photo there. The color is very even and I dig that. I like the off-center feel as well, though everything points to a center focus.

And yep, photography and painting and all that other stuff where craft counts= gotta do a lot to get to the gold.

Debbie said...

Very nice. I thought I took a lot of pictures on my hike Sunday, but it was only maybe 25 tops.

Thanks for reminding us that the "delete" key is there for a reason.